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The Zwekabin Hill has a very unusual shape, which, once seen, is not easily forgotten. The leading town in the northern section is Thandaung. It is a very beautiful hill station and an important tea, coffee and fruit producing region. It is the land mark of the Kayin state.

Lumbini Garden, on the western side of the mountain, is the most popular place to start the ascent, and is home to over 1100 Buddha statues arranged in photogenic rows – from here, it takes two hot and sweaty hours to climb the relentless steps.

Sadan Cave

This is the cave that Buddha past life as Sadan Elephant and spent the last dying days of his life. Just before the cave exit there is a small hole up in the roof, and some say this is the place where the hunter try to strike with an arrow to the great Sadan Elephant. As you exit the cave on the other site you will be amazed by beautiful scene and a small lake that you can ride a boat back to the near entrance. It will feel you like you are in the central of Myanmar culture.

Kawgun Cave

Kawgun cave is located near Kawgun village, which is two miles distance from Hpa An township, Kayin State. It is a natural lime stone cave and measures 200 fts height and 300 fts length. The rock surfaces are profusely decorated with different kinds of clay Buddha images and votive tablets. It is a rare cave in the lower Myanmar. According to the style of the Buddha images it can be datable to 15th century A.D. Hanthawaddy period.

Kyauk Ka Lab Pagoda

Kyauk ka lab, a pagoda on top of a limestone outcropping surrounded by a manmade lake.
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